Swtan's Story

Although the cottage was originally built in the 16th century, it has been restored to as it was around the beginning of the 20th century. The cottage has been in the same family since. Mr Gwilym Jones, the last tenant until the roof collapsed in the early 1960’s, is currently a member of the Board of Trustees.

The Main Room
The room is a typical dwelling circa 1900. Here the family cooked, ate and slept; often rearing large families under these cramped conditions. The space was divided into two distinct areas for living and sleeping. The living area centred around the large table, where the daily chores were performed, meals eaten and both domestic and social activities took place in the evenings. The dresser was a functional piece of furniture to store food and crockery.

Perishable food was stored in the corner on a slate slab in an area with a small window to keep the room cool. Butter was also made here and as a result the room is referred to as Tý Llaeth (Milk house). Sleeping arrangements were basic – a narrow bed on the ground floor and a ladder leading to the crogloft holding a long box bed with a straw mattress.

The area currently housing the shop was an outbuilding converted at some point to house a lodger.

The small detached building is a calf shed. The cow Byre currently holds information boards and audio-visual presentations. To the right of the cottage door is a general store where tools and vegetables etc. were kept. Next to this is the hen house. As well as the calf and hen sheds ,there is a tool shed housing a display of original implements, presented in an attempt to demonstrate the traditional skills and knowledge necessary to survive on this tyddyn / small holding; skills which would have been passed down the generations from father to son.

Garden Area
It was necessary to grow all vegetables required by the family. Today there is a small herb garden showcasing the traditional  use of herbs for culinary and medicinal purposes.
This area is maintained by the local Womens Institute.

To the right of the cottage door is a general store where tools and vegetables etc were kept, next to this is the hen house.

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