Swtan is a fully restored example of a 17th century Welsh cottage with a thatched roof. It is situated on the beautiful north west Wales coast of Anglesey,in the picturesque village of Church Bay (Porth Swtan).

The cottage is owned by the National Trust, and is leased and run by a group of local enthusiasts, Cyfellion Swtan (‘Friends of Swtan’) - a Registered Charity [No.1138229], as a heritage museum preserving history and culture.

Visitors can experience a fascinating step back in time to rural life in Wales circa 1900.

A little about Swtan ...

Situated in the unspoilt scenic Church Bay area, Swtan is easily accessible by road (see map) and on foot by the coastal path.

There is a pay-and-display public car park; public toilets and refreshments are available in season from the nearby WaveCrest Cafê and Lobster Pot Sea Food restaurant. Free parking for patrons available on site.

The origin of the name
There are various theories as to the derivation of the name  of the beach Porth Swtan. We support the idea that it was named after a breed of fish which was caught there, known as a whiting pout in English and as a ‘Swtan’ in Welsh.
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The name Church Bay was given by the map makers , i.e. English-speaking sailors who identified coastal areas by local landmarks. The Llanrhuddladd parish church with its  high steeple is an obvious, easily visible landmark form the sea.

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Swtan is a visually inspirational place. We host special artists’ days and weekends.
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